Recycling Information

It's Plain & Simple: Endust's Steel Cans Are Recyclable

Endust’s aerosol cans are made of the one of the most valuable materials in the recycling stream: super-strong steel. The value comes from steel’s ability to withstand any damage during the recycling process. The Superman-stength allows it to be endlessly recycled into new metal products such as bicycles, bridges and cans. In fact, Endust steel cans contain 35% recycled content, of which 24% is post-consumer recycled material.

Recycling programs typically depend on reliable materials like steel to offset costs for collection and processing. As a matter of fact, steel cans often subsidize the recycling of other materials that have little or no value. So for now on, please recycle your empty Endust cans* and never let steel go to waste again!

A Note About Recycling Labeling

Endust Has Partnered With GreenBlue's Sustainable Packaging Coalition To Improve Recycle Labeling

Have you noticed our new recycling labels? Our goal is to help you better understand what to do with packaging and to encourage greater participation in recycling programs so that packaging gets a new life. The How2Recycle Label is an initiative of GreenBlue’s Sustainable Packaging Coalition. To find out more, provide input on labels and get information on how to check locally, please go to