Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Tips To Make Your Life Easier






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Rock Out

Listening to music when cleaning is a great way to take your mind off the chores at hand.

Get the Family Involved

Cleaning should not be something you do on your own. By working together, you can get your cleaning chores done in half the time, while also having fun together. Try turning some music on and let your kids shake the rugs, water the plants, and dust.

Clean As You Cook

Cooking can turn a clean kitchen into a disaster area. Plus, the last thing you want to do after cooking a large dinner is to clean up. Instead, use the time when you are cooking to simultaneously clean up the messes.

Use Doormats

By placing one doormat outside and one just inside the door, you can drastically reduce the amount of dirt that enters your home. Remember to keep the doormats clean.

A Clean Workplace — A Happy Workforce.

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Dust Electronics

Be careful to use the right products for a quick dusting, and be careful not to spray the screen directly. Check out our Endust® for Electronics products to make sure you’re capturing dust particles off valuable electronic equipment.

Sort Papers

A desk doesn’t stand a chance to get cleaned if it’s covered in papers. Pile up papers so you can effectively clean surfaces.

Stay Healthier

Keeping dust and allergens at bay will help keep you and your staff breathing easier and feeling healthier. Try Endust Free, a hypo-allergenic Dusting & Cleaning Spray.

Hire a Cleaning Service

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with cleaning your workplace. Many companies use professional cleaning services—you may want to consider one.

Staying Clean and Dust Free On the Go.

Explore car care cleaning tips from Endust.

Pick the Right Products

Because cars have different materials on the exterior and interior, it’s important to have the right car care cleaning tools for dashboards, seats, tires, and exteriors.

Dust the Vehicle

Because dust lurks everywhere in your automobile, a quick dusting on a regular basis is a great idea.

Pay Attention to Glass

You can use household cleansers on car windows, but make sure they’re ammonia-free, as that can damage tinted windows.

Keep the Dirt Away

When washing your car, use plenty of water in a large bucket so that dirt will settle to the bottom and cleaner water will stay towards the top.

Keeping the High-tech Dust-free.

Try electronic cleaning spray from Endust

LCD screens/Televisions

Make sure the screen is off and dust with a cloth. Use an electronic cleaning kit or solution made of distilled water, vinegar or alcohol. Whatever you do, never spray any liquids directly on to the screen.


For a computer screen, a quick dusting with a clean soft dry cloth will remove dust particles. If the screen is dirty, use either a commercial cleaner made for your screen type, or an ammonia free glass cleaner, or isopropyl alcohol mixed with water.

Cell Phones

These aren’t as risky, so you can clean a cell phone off with a dry cloth or baby wipe. You can also use some isopropyl alcohol on a soft cleaning cloth. For dirty crevices use a cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol.

VCRs/DVRs/DVD players/Video Game Systems:

Dust with a microfiber cloth or electrostatic duster once a week. Because the insides of these machines can also get dirty, check the manufacturer’s guidelines to see if a disc cleaner may work.